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With The Ice Brick

The Ice Brick

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8"L x 4"W x 4"H

Premium Food Grade Silicone

Long-Lasting Ice

The Ice Brick's superior design ensures ice that lasts longer, ensuring your liquid stays colder for extended periods, and your coolers maintain their chill during those long summer outings.

BPA Free

Made from premium BPA-Free silicone, The Ice Brick not only ensures health safety but also emphasizes environmental consciousness.

Stackable Design

Its stackable and space-saving design ensures minimal space consumption.

Reinforced Silicone

Built for durability and longevity. The Ice Brick is reinforced to last a long time as your cooling companion, eliminating the need for disposable ice packs.

Dishwasher Safe

Easy to clean and maintain.

Easy Release

With handles on all sides, our flexible silicone design ensures easy ice release every time.

The Ice Brick

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